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Professionals for ship electrotechnology:
Wiechmann GmbH & Co. (Wico) 

For a period of already more than 85 years, we have been carrying out professional repairs and rendering services in the field of marine electrotechnology – all over the world. From yachts to river ferries, all the way to cargo ships. 

The electronics on board are also essential and guarantee efficiency and safety. The procedures carried out at ports or within the industry with regard to maritime transport are also reliant upon modern electrical engineering. We offer comprehensive service – at our company located in Lemwerder (near Bremen), as well as on board or at the shipyard. We are available at any port throughout the world and can be reached around the clock.

Our service portfolio comprises the entire range: the construction of electrical instruments and control panels, the newly constructing and upgrading electrical systems, repairing or resupply of electrical devices. Complete, spanning all the way from construction to supplying replacement parts.

Ship owners and shipping companies all over the world rely on us. That is because we are there, right where they need us

Wiechmann GmbH & Co. Schiffselektrotechnik, Hansering 6, D-27809 Lemwerder | Tel. +49(0)421/388 978-0 | E-Mail info@wico-bremen.de