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Wiechmann GmbH & Co. 
Hansering 6
D-27809 Lemwerder
Phone +49(0)421/388 978-0
Fax     +49(0)421/388 978-20
E-Mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Limited partnership with a registered office in Lemwerder
Commercial registry of Oldenburg, HRA 203174

Personally liable partner:
Iwang und Kriete Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH
with a registered office in Lemwerder
commercial registry of Oldenburg, HRA 206137

Managing director: Bernd Brüning
VAT ID no.: DE 114629373
Tax no: 57/200/00360

Responsible for content: 

Exclusion of liability

Wiechmann GmbH und Co. As a content provider, (WICO) is responsible for its own contents that are provided for use according to general law. Hyperlinks to contents supplied by other providers must be differentiated from our own contents. In this respect, WICO provides "external contents” for use that are designated as in the following: Link name. WICO shall only be responsible for this third-party content if it is positively aware of it (i.e. including illegal or criminal content) and it is technically possible and reasonable to prevent its use (Section 5, Para. 2 of the German Teleservices Act (TDG). In the case of links however, this shall always entail "live" (dynamic) link referrals. Upon originally placing the link, WICO has checked the third-party content concerning whether it could trigger a possible liability in accordance with civil or criminal law. However, according to the German Teleservices Act (TDG), the content provider is not obligated to continually check for changes of the content it links to on its website that could newly justify a liability.

Wiechmann GmbH & Co. Schiffselektrotechnik, Hansering 6, D-27809 Lemwerder | Tel. +49(0)421/388 978-0 | E-Mail info@wico-bremen.de